May Update


After nearly two months of tapping away at the keyboard in whatever spare time I had outside of school and related activities, I am proud to announce a major update to Moddermore!

This May update brings several other exciting changes to Moddermore. There are quite a number of new features, and we've introduced a new icon and wordmark designed by Skye, which will help establish a stronger brand identity for Moddermore.

We have a new icon!

During the private beta testing phase of this update, I brought up the issue of the site using the stock Vercel icon in the tab bar and a generic gradient everywhere else. Skye designed an icon based on the existing gradient with a concise wordmark that both represents the name and the purpose of Moddermore: M+.

We're excited to announce that the new M+ icon and wordmark will be rolling out across the site in the coming days. This update not only enhances the site's visual appeal, but also helps to establish a stronger brand identity for Moddermore. We'd like to give a big thank you to Skye for her excellent design work. We hope this update will make the Moddermore experience even better for our users. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements in the future!

Prism instance export

You can now export lists as Prism Launcher (or MultiMC) instances. They come in two types: dynamic (packwiz) and static. The packwiz version is self-updating, while the static export is not.

This new export feature is a great addition to Moddermore's functionality. Allowing users to export as Prism Launcher or MultiMC instances provides more flexibility and convenience when it comes to managing modded Minecraft installations.

The self-updating packwiz variant is especially useful for those who want to keep their instances up-to-date without the hassle of manually updating. If you are hosting an SMP or distributing a modpack which users want to be able to automatically kept up-to-date, subscribe to Plus to obtain this useful feature!

List remixing

You can now remix any mod list you see on Moddermore into your own account! You can easily make edits on a list that you like, and use it for yourself :p

Like system

See a list that you like and want to save for future use or reference? Now you can give any list a like to bookmark it! When adding this feature, we also introduced a new tabbed dashboard layout to accommodate this and other features for the future.

Incompatible game version display

This feature provides more visibility into which mods in a list are not available for that list’s set version! Game version incompatibilities are notorious in Minecraft modding circles, and we hope to help you better debug your mysterious crashes with this simple feature. Mods with no matching game version will have a red indicator and a note that gives you more information about the incompatibility. We believe it will be a valuable addition to the platform and help users better manage their mod lists.

Copy as…

One of the most asked for features is being able to copy a list of mods into different formats. Today, we are happy to release the new “Copy as” button which you can use to copy your list of mods in Markdown or JSON format!

New team member: Skye (skyevg)

We're thrilled to introduce a new member of the Moddermore team, Skye! Skye is a talented web developer and designer who has been working with me (Ryan) to improve the user experience visual identity of Moddermore. She has already made significant contributions, including writing most of the Prism Launcher export functionality and designing the new M+ icon and wordmark that we’ve already introduced. Skye’s experience in design and user experience will be invaluable as we continue to improve and expand Moddermore's functionality.

Also, big thanks to Devin who helped edit this changelog post before its publication :p