Introducing Search


Moddermore has long been a go-to hub for sharing lists of mods, making it easier for the community to discover and enjoy new experiences within the game. However, up until now, the platform lacked search, limiting users to unlisted mod lists only. But today, we're excited to announce that Moddermore is taking a leap forward by introducing the long-awaited public search feature.

With the release of public search on Moddermore, users finally have the ability to choose visibility settings for their mod lists. This new feature provides three options: private, unlisted, and public. While unlisted remains the default setting, the "private" option allows users to remove their lists completely from the public view. But the real game-changer here is the "public" visibility setting, which enables users to showcase their mod lists in the website's search results.

(Cloud functionality such as auto-updating packs and packwiz integration will be disabled on private lists, since it is not feasible to implement access controls for these formats made for public sharing.)

Go to any of your lists' settings now and change visibility to "public" to make it appear magically in the search results!