Version pinning


Version pinning, a long requested feature, is finally available on Moddermore! With pinned versions of mods on your lists, you can ensure that the mods users download from your lists are always the ones you tested yourself. And if you want to live on the edge, you can always unpin versions to revert to the original automatic resolution of the latest appropriate version.

All existing lists keep their old behavior, while newly imported lists from MultiMC/Prism instances, Modrinth packs, and folders of mods will automatically infer versions and pin them. An "unpin all" button has been added to the edit screen to make opting out of this as easy as a click!

To pin the version of mods, click "Select a version" in the edit screen, which loads the versions that match the current loader/game version pair and presents you with them, allowing you to select one. To unpin, press the small red button to the right of the select.