NeoForge support, design improvements, and so much more!


We are delighted to announce that Moddermore now supports NeoForge alongside Quilt, Fabric, and Forge! This includes support for MultiMC instances, Modrinth modpack exports, and packwiz output as well.

Also, you might notice quite a few changes in the design of Moddermore.

  • We have adopted a new brand font, Satoshi, that should help Moddermore stand out and improve the legibility of its design.
  • The dashboard layout is now more consistent between tabs and more balanced in layout.
  • The visibility selector has been redesigned to give more information about what each option does.
  • Your profile picture is now displayed in the navigation bar and links to the dashboard.
  • Privileged actions on lists (e.g. editing or changing settings) now have their own distinguishing color and are on a separate row.

In addition, we have made a significant improvement in the behavior of unlisted and private lists by preventing search engines from crawling them. This ensures that none of your unlisted or private lists unexpected show up in online searches.